"Compounding, Transporting, Augmenting, Diminishing...". Trelex Arts Residency. Swizerland. 24th August to 25th September 2016. 

"Holy Mountain". Roundabout LX. Lisbon. 1st to 30th of September, 2015.

"Holy Mountain / The Monster Speaks of Love" was an experimental collaborative performance created during an arts residency in Lisbon, Portugal in 2015. Artists involved included Marta Angelozzi, Edgar Oliviera, X, Madalena Pinto, Anna Burel, Yasmine Dainelli and Jaime Valtierra.

"In Dreams We Dwell". Interfaces. Processing reality through art and technology. Barbican Arts Centre. London. 21st to 23rd of August 2015.

'In Dreams We Dwell' is a multimedia arts installation presented as part of "Interfaces" at Barbican Arts Centre, London. The exhibition was the first annual showcase of art from Fish Island Labs, an incubator set up in collaboration with The Trampery to kickstart the careers of a new generation of emerging talent whose work spans technology and the arts.

"Adolfa Musso Lina Lisa. Ficino`s Cave". Convento delle Leopoldine. Florence. 4th to 29th of June, 2014.

"Adolfa Musso Lina Lisa. Ficino`s Cave". Created and presented at the Ex-Covento delle Leopoldine, Florence in 2014. The work consisted of an art installation, a series of drawings and prints and a performance piece freely based on a number of texts relating to Plato`s cave (The Republic) from Ficino to Deleuze.