Jaime Valtierra (b. Spain, 1979) is a contemporary painter based in London, UK.

Selected exhibitions and awards include: Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing prize. London. 2019. (Shortlisted); Wells Art Contemporay. Wells. 2019.(shortlisted) 2019; Chiara Williams Solo Award. London. 2019. (Highly Commended); The London Art Fair. London. 2019, 2017; The Bow Open. London 2018, 2017, 2016; By Means of Catastrophe. TRIPP Gallery. London, 2017 (Solo); Interfaces, Barbican Arts Centre. London. 2015; Mnemonic City. Biagiotti Progetto di Arte. Florence. 2014.

His work is held in private collections across Europe and USA.

Jaime Valtierra gained a Masters Diploma (Postgraduate) at the Royal Drawing School, London in 2005. Prior to that in 2001 he completed a National Diploma in Illustration and Graphic Design at the ESDIP (Madrid, Spain). He studied classical painting and printmaking at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in the same city (1995-2000).

Valtierra’s work reflects our times with satire and humour taking on board issues of identity, culture and memory. He makes use of the grotesque and the body as vehicle to unearth concealed attitudes in contemporary society, creating charged images that fluctuate between the humorous and the tragic. His paintings and drawings are intuitive expressions of personal experiences and an engagement with ideas connected to themes within the tradition of the Carnivalesque and European painting more broadly.

The resulting works combine a commitment to an arts practice driven by intense feeling, a dedication to the materiality and expressive sensuality of painting, the uncompromising directness of drawing, and an unbound desire to present through these mediums a panorama of society and human behaviour.

Selected Group Exhibitions

‘Wells Art Contemporary (WAC)’. Wells Cathedral. Wells, UK. 19th July to 12 August.
Nunnery Gallery Art Projects'. The London Art Fair. London. 16th to 20th of January.

'Bow Open'. Nunnery Gallery. Curated by Mark Titchner. London. 6th July to 26th of August.
‘The Solo Award. Chiara Williams Contemporary Art'. The Cello Factory. London. 30th May to 7th of June.

‘Paper Cuts. Kristian Day Fine Art Projects’. TRIPP Gallery. London. 17th to 27th of December.
'Bow Open'. Nunnery Gallery. Curated by Alex Chinneck. London. 18th June to 28th of August.
'Nunnery Gallery Art Projects'. The London Art Fair. London. 18th to 22nd of January.

‘What's it going to be then, eh?'. TRIPP Gallery. London. 30th September to 29th of October.
'Bow Open'. Nunnery Gallery. Curated by Anj Smith. London. 18th June to 28th of August.
'Sixty'. Lubomirov-Angus Hughes Gallery. London. 13th to 22nd of May.

‘HYG Editions. Selected Prints’. Hundred Years Gallery. London. 19th November to 31st of January.
'Interfaces. Processing reality through art and technology'. Barbican Arts Centre. London. 21st to 23rd of August.
‘Enclave’. Luborimov-Easton Gallery. London. 27th March to 28th of April.

'Mnemonic City. Magma Collective in Florence'. Biagiotti Progetto di Arte. Florence. 27th May to 3rd of June.

'White Out'. Hundred Years Gallery. London. 3rd December to 26th of January.
'Interscape'. Building Bloqs Project Space. London. 21st September to 5th of October.
'Edge of the land'. Hundred Years Gallery. London. 20th June to 15th of July.
‘Moving Streets'. Doomed Gallery. London. 26th and 27th of April.
'Dron / Ultima ratio'. Hundred Years Gallery. 1st February to 17th of March.

'Ciudad Memoria'. Espacio Islandia. Madrid. 3rd and 4rd of November.
'Luxury Goods IV. The Reality of Art'. Courtyard Theatre. London. 1st to 5th of May.

'Megalopolis'Sidworth Road Studios. London. 14th to 16th of October.
'Equilibrium'. Sidworth Road Studios. London. 9th to 13th of March.
'Luxury Goods III. The Illusion of Art'. Courtyard Theatre. London. 26th to 30th of March.

'One to Forget'. Hackney Wicked Arts FestivalMother Studios. London. 30th July to 1st of August.
'Jean Genet Centenary'. Sidworth Road Studios. London. 10th to 20th of August.
'Jean Genet Centenary'. Galeria Factoria de Arte y Desarrollo. Madrid. 17th and 18th of August.

'MAC Artists'. Hackney Wicked Arts Festival. The Mission Arts Club. London. 26th to 29th of September.
'Building the monster!'. The Mission Arts Club. London. 22nd to 27th of March.

'The Salon'. Liverpool Biennial Independents 2008. Wostenholme Projects. Liverpool. 14th to 19th of October.
'The Salon'. The Mission Arts Club. London. 1st to 29th of September.
'Collective'. The Empire Gallery - Degree Art. London. 15th to 30th of January.
'Something about Painting'. The Mission Arts Club. London. 15th January to 12th of February.

'Not your average type'. Core Arts. London. 14th to 21st of December.
'Outside'. Saint John at Hackney Church. London. 2nd to 15th of September.
‘Coretemporary'. Alberto Vilar Gallery. The Prince's Foundation. London. 27th of April to 10th of May. 

'Circumlocution'. Tab Centre Gallery Space. London. 5th to 7th of October.

'Prince's Drawing School Final Year Show'. Alberto Vilar Gallery. The Prince's Foundation. London.
'The Confrontation'. Zizy Gallery. London.

'The Key in the Room'. Project 142. London.

'Collective'. CGP. London.


Solo Exhibitions

'In Dreams we dwell: Studies'. Hundred Years Gallery. London. 5th to 15th October, 2017.
'By Means of Catastrophe'. TRIPP Gallery. London. 2nd June to 1st July, 2017.
'Ghost Sermon'. Hundred Years Gallery. London. 9th to 30th April, 2016.
'The Idiot. New Paintings and Works on Paper'. Hundred Years Gallery. London. 28th May to 28th of June, 2015.
'The Black Box'. Novas Contemporary Arts Centre. London. 26th October to 24th November, 2007.

Competitions and awards

‘Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize’. UK. 2019.
‘Wells Art Contemporary (WAC)’. Wells, UK. 2019.
'The Solo Award. Chiara Williams Contemporary Art'. UK. 2018. (Highly Commended)
'Bow Arts Open'. Nunnery Gallery. Curated by Mark Titchner. UK. 2018. (Shortlisted)
'Contemporary Visions 8'. Beers Gallery. UK. 2018. (Longlisted)
'Bow Arts Open'. Nunnery Gallery. Curated by Alex Chinneck. UK. 2017. (Shortlisted)
'Bow Arts Open'. Nunnery Gallery. Curated by Anj Smith. UK. 2016. (Shortlisted)
‘Open CueB’. CueB Gallery. UK. 2012. (Shortlisted)
'The Buldog Bursary'. The Royal Society of Portrait Painters. UK. 2012. (Finalist)
'Competicion de Paisajes Urbanos de Madrid'. Circulo de Bellas Artes. Spain. 2000. (Mention of Honour)

Art Residencies

Trelex Arts Residency. Swizerland. 24th August to 25th September 2016.
Roundabout LX. Lisbon. 1st to 30th of September, 2015.
Santa Reparata International School of Art and Xenos Gallery. Florence. 4th to 29th of June, 2014.
'An Unfolded Second'. Wilton`s Music Hall. London. 3rd to 22nd of October, 2010.

Selected Performances and Projects

'The Monster Speaks of Love'. GivLowe Gallery. Lisbon. 12th of September, 2015.
'Adolfa Mussolina Lisa. Ficino`s Cave'. Ex-Covento delle Leopoldine. Florence. 10th of June, 2014.
'The Waiting'. Hundred Years Gallery. London. 29th of June, 2013.
'Proyector. Festival Internacional de Videoarte'. Spain. 14th to 23rd of December, 2012.
'Illusions of Reference, Ob.12'. Phiscological Art Circus. London. 14 to 17th of June, 2012.
'InCounter. Trios. Ring Mod Orkerstra and Marlon Random'. Bussey Building. London. 4th of March, 2011.
'Trios. Ring Mod Orkerstra and Marlon Random'. Goldsmiths College. London. 20th of February, 2011.
'An Unfolded Second'. Wilton`s Music Hall. London. 21st and 22nd of October, 2010.
'Monster Zero'. Area 10 Project SpaceLondon. 2010.
'Ear Me Now'. Netil House Studios. London. 15th of February, 2010.
'Homoludens'. Area 10 Project Space. London. 29th of October, 2009.